Jerry Lane, II

Automobile Fine Artist


Hello, I'm Jerry Lane, II.

  I may have been born in Las Vegas into a family who was an integral part of the Gaming Industry, but I was a certified "car nut" from the start.  My first perspective drawing of a car was done when I was 5!  While in high school, Mr. Alex Tremulus (the great automobile designer) met with me at the University of Nevada, Reno.  He offered me a full scholarship to the Art Center of Design after graduation.  About that time, I started my fine art career by doing vehicle portraits for car collectors.  Life took a turn not long after moving to California,  and I decided to give up my dream of automobile design, walk away from my scholarship and move back to Nevada.

  I entered the casino industry after discussions with family and a fellow car nut by the name of Bill Harrah, founder of Harrah's Casinos.  At the time, he also had the largest auto collection in the world.  Many hours were spent sketching those wonderful cars!  While my gaming career took off, I continued to paint and sketch. My work has been shown at Hot August Nights, the Monaco Grand Prix, Concourso Italiano and many other venues.  A few years ago my kidneys failed and stepped back from my successful Casino career.  Luckily, my wife was a perfect match and gave me one of her kidneys!!!  So its onto a new healthy life with her and a new focus on my second love - capturing the beauty of Automobiles, Motorcycles, and even Planes!

P.S.  Consider being a Live Kidney Donor.  Give the Gift of Life!!!



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